Without You, There Would be no Trust.

Grand Prix mechanics past and present , as well as others who’ve worked in F1, have relied on
The Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust.

The Trust, in turn, relies heavily on donations to keep on helping them.
There are several ways you can choose to give, either as a one-off donation,
an annual contribution or as a legacy in a will.

In return, you will receive regular information about Trust activities and special events.
You can get more details and advice about legacies by contacting the Trust direct.
Remember, whatever amount you give, every little helps.

Just print off the donation form, complete the details and post it to the Trust.
To Print off the Donation Form just click the icon below.

You wil require Adobe Acrobat to open the file. Click the icon if you require it.

Grand Prix Mechanics Charitable Trust, PO Box 38540, London, SW1Y 6YF
Tel: +44 (0) 1896 820263 Email:enquiries@gpmechanicstrust.com